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Canon's third iteration of their long-lens point-and-shoot camera design. Originally released in February of 2006.

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LCD screen cracked. Replacement process?

The screen on my camera is cracked.

The screen will not come on at all right now.

I would like to replace it.

I found the blow-up diagrams but is there a correct process?

Do I also need to replace the Back Light Unit?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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@nanaburt yes there is and all you have to do follow it in sequence as outlined in this document S3-Disassembly.pdf

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Thank You oldturkey03. I have the diagrams, Can I start at the point of taking the LCD cover off (after removing the battery) or do I have to remove the screen at the hinge before taking the cover apart?


... also ... are there any precautions on where I should NOT touch as I remove the PBC Assembly as I need to re-use the current one if possible.


@nanaburt this does look complex but at this point I'd follow the individual steps as they are outlined. Stay away from the flash cpacitor since it does pack a punch. You should always discharge that one before working on a camera. I do try to not touch all over the pcb but there is only a small chance to either shorten things out or cause damage due to static electricity.


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