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Unable to print envelope from rear slot

Epson WF-3640 Printer connected to desktop with Windows 10. Using MS Word 2016.

I'm unable to get the printer to print to an envelope inserted in the rear paper feed slot. I've set the printer property "Paper Type" for Envelope, "Paper Source" for rear paper feed slot. And mixed these up. Always similar results. The envelope in the rear slot will be fed through without printing and then a sheet of paper from the cassette is printed on. Or get an error on the printer that the Paper Type doesn't match the paper in Cassette 1.

What is the secret sauce to print an envelope?

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I think the secret is in the “Page Setup” menu for Word - was just having this same problem but with labels, not envelopes. The paper selection was set to use the “Paper Cassette” and not “Default tray”.

From the “Layout” ribbon, select the page setup submenu. (or from the Print Menu, all the way at the bottom is “Page Setup”. Select the “Paper” tab and choose “Default tray”. Then the print job will use the printer’s settings and not override them from the document. When I create a new document of labels, I have to go to the menu and override the setting, even though I selected “Default” at document creation time.

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Worked like a charm.. I was ready to throw the %#*@ printer out the window. Thank you for your help! ds


Didn't help me, unfortunately. I'm sure the problem is with Word, as I've installed MS Office on a new PC, and I've never had this problem before in the 5 years I've owned my WP 4530.


When I followed this advice for printing a business envelope, but selected "REAR MP TRAY" from the "Paper" tab, my envelope printed perfectly. Interestingly, I immediately printed out a document from the regular tray, and it did default to that tray.


yay! thank you!


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Here is the problem:

Printer paper type (Printer's native envelope setting) must match Printee paper type (Microsoft Word). The unfortunate design of Microsoft Word's print envelop feature does not set this correctly.

What I would do (unfortunately) is add an extra step.

Print the envelop to XPS format or PDF format (I use cutePDF).

(set these as your default printer).

Then when you print from the XPS or PDF, set the paper type and tray type. You will then print without that annoying error.

At least this worked for me. Good Luck.

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Neither of the above solutions helped me but finding out it was a problem in the WORD envelope settings gave me an idea. I created a regular WORD doc with the paper size, margins etc that I wanted for my envelope and then printed it using the XP 15000 envelope settings. I was only doing return adresses so every envelope was the same. Interestingly I did labels yesterday with no problem at all once I found out from anoter internet search to override the cd/dvd settings in the Page Setup on the print menu. Maybe mail merge doesn’t have the problem.

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After choosing "Envelope" as Paper Type, go back to that menu and choose the last item, "More Paper Sizes..." That will bring up a new dialog box, and you'll see that for some reason, Word sets the paper source for the first page of envelopes to CD/DVD Tray. Change it to Rear Paper Feed Slot, and you should be good to go.

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