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Model M8541 / 5 or 10 GB hard drive / scroll wheel physically turns

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Where can I buy a charging cable for my iPod

I am planning on buying an iPod 1 classic, but it does not come with a charging cable. I looked online, and cannot find one. Does anyone have any answers?

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I am also looking for a charger for my ipod model no. A1019. Anybody know where I can get one?


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The receptacle is a Firewire 400 port. According to which computer you are hooking it up to and what ports you have available would indicated what the other end needs to be.

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@ifixit_master ;-) you'll need a Firewire charger as well


I used to charge mine via the Firewire 400 port on my pre 2009 Mac. Later, models, I used a Firewire 800 to 400 adapter to charge. But lacking that, Oldturkey is correct.


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The Apple Store is the best place to get things like that...

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