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How do I replace a fuel pump on a Ford 3000 tractor?

My fuel pump is leaking and I need to repair or replace it. How do I do this?

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@ddavis317 any idea what year your tractor is? A serial number will help with that. Also what engine does it have? The 3000 came with either a Ford 2.6L 3-cyl gasoline or a Ford Ford 2.9L 3-cyl diesel


Hi Turkey, I am pretty sure its a 1975, it is a 3 cyl. gas. Thanks for reply


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@ddavis317 straight forward for the gasoline engine

Block Image

Here is the Fuel System part of the SM Ford-tractor-Fuel-System.pdf for the 1965-1975 Ford Tractor

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Replacing the Fuel Pump on a Ford 3000 Tractor:

Materials Needed:

  1. New fuel pump
  2. Wrenches and socket set
  3. Gasket sealant
  4. Container for fuel drainage
  5. Rags or towels
  6. Safety glasses


  1. Drain the Fuel:
  2. Remove the Fuel Lines:
  3. Remove the Old Fuel Pump:
  4. Clean the Mounting Surface:
  5. Install the New Fuel Pump:
  6. Reconnect Fuel Lines:
  7. Prime the Fuel System:
  8. Check for Leaks:
  9. Reconnect the Battery:
  10. Test the Tractor:

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@jerryrodan AI generated answers need to be flagged/marked as such. You are responsible for the content of the AI regurgitated technobabble answer.


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