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After Xperia Z series, Sony has made a new flagship, the Xperia X series. Sony Xperia X Performance was released at Jun, 2016. It was waterproof and has a Snapdragon 820 chipset. Here I use Sony Xperia X Performance Dual F8132 as a model to make videos.

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Xperia Permanent Network Unlock

Night sir .....

I've been buying an Xperia X Performance from Japan, Au based provider (SOV33) . I need information is that my phone is fully unlock or something else . My Simlock information is

0 Network 0

x Network Subset 5

0 Service Provider 0

0 Corporate 0

0 SIM 0

If my phone isn't get Permanent Unlock, and how to get Unlock Code to Unlock my phone (I've seen an xperia unlock tutorial by ZFix) .

Thanks before .

Block Image

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You will need to purchase an unlock code from an unlocking service.

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Thanks. So what's the meaning of Network Subset 5 ?


Network [0] - this means the phone is network unlocked.

Network Subset [5] - this is a Carrier Restriction that only allows certain SIM cards.

In Japan, CDMA are dominant networks. I think since this is a GSM network, they set a Network Subset lock to restrict exporting.


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I need to unlock the sim person code my Sony xperia M2

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