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Can't scan using control panel on Epson printer XP 324

My Epson Printer/Scanner xp324 prints ok. When I try to scan using the control panel The error message states "communication error. Check the connection" which can't be right, as I can print OK. I have re-installed printer + software but still no joy.

Any ideas, please?

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Hi @debbru ,

How is the printer connected to the computer? Wireless or USB cable?

Just verifying that you are selecting either "Scan to computer WSD" or USB connection.

Can you scan from the computer OK, using Epson Scan?


Thank you for your reply. I failed to say I use a Mac & the printer is connected using a USB cable, I'm selecting USB. Yes I can scan from the computer ok


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Hi @debbru ,

I don't know Mac at all so I'm probably not much help.

The only things that I can suggest is to check that you have the Epson Event Manager software installed. (Select your printer model, select your OS and then scroll down to the Utilities section to find the Event Manager software download.

To view or change the Control Panel's scan buttons default setting you can use Event Manager

In Mac OS X: Open the Applications folder, click Epson Software, and click Event Manager.

Select Scanner (OS X) drop-down list and select your scanner.

Click Make Job Settings.

Open the Edit Job Settings drop-down list and select the scan button settings you want to view or change.

Change the settings as necessary.

Click OK.

Click Close to close the Event Manager window.

If you already have it installed, check that it is not being blocked by your Firewall or A/V security software

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Thank you for your reply. I will try your steps & let you know if it helps.


I read through your comments again & I've already tried them. Thanks for trying


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