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Repair guides for the Asus ZenWatch 3.

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Crown does not working (mid)

My watch works perfect, but the Crosn button is not working.

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I had the same problem so took the watch apart with a torx 4 and discovered that the plastic press that the crown pushes against was cracked so being the handy feet thinking female that I am I repaired this by glueing a fragment of false nail over it (with nail glue)

Block Image

Block Image

And now reassembled it works perfectly fine

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I tore the watch down to look at how the buttons work. While the others distinctly click, the middle/crown button felt mushy. I found that if I applied pressure to the circuit board while pressing the crown button, it would click. I put the watch back together and found this to still be true. When the crown button doesn’t work, if I squeeze the watch, face to back, and at the same time press the button, it works. Not an elegant fix, but it works.

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