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The iMac Pro, is Apple’s most powerful iMac to date. It comes with either a 3.2 GHz 8 core, 3.0 GHz 10 core, 2.5 GHz 14 core or 2.3 GHz 18 core Xeon W processor. EMC 3144 / A1862 (ID iMacPro1,1)

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How can I recover data from iMac Pro with blown power supply unit?

The power supply unit on my new iMac Pro is damaged and I cannot power the machine on anymore. I have two options:

  • To get the iMac replaced by Apple since this machine is less than 2 weeks old
  • To have it repaired by Apple authorised service provider with no guarantees that my data will remain intact.

I have some files on this iMac that isn't backed up anywhere else, and I really need to retreive them. Ideally, I'd retrieve my files and have the iMac replaced by Apple.

Does anyone know if there's any way I can achieve this?

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You either need to remove the storage or replace the power supply (hoping thats all that needs replacing) I see no other way. This would void your warranty and you still need to buy a second system!

Unlike the other iMac's this system uses raw flash modules which are interleaved. In addition they can be encrypted! (depending on what you've selected) Removing the flash storage would require you placing them into another iMac Pro and even then they may not respond due to the encryption. There is no external case to support them.

I think your only hope is to take it in to either an Apple Store or authorized Apple service center. Given the newness of the system I would go to the Apple Store (one that has the staff trained on servicing the system locally). Making sure they don't swap your system on you is your only hope.

In the end you'll need to start backing up more frequently or setup a sync process copying over your work to iCloud or a local drive so you're not caught off guard the next time.

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Given the cost of this system I would strongly recommend you have a UPS to help protect your system and to give you some time to shutdown cleanly so you don't corrupt your active work.


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Power supply can be replaced and data "should" still be there as you do not have to initialize anything for just that part swap. As you know only guarantee is YOUR backup.. HDDs for this model cannot just be swapped into another because of they have to be initialized with the system board they are installed in (just replaced a system board hoping the drives would come up but they come up blank and ask for system recovery)

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No doubt replacing the power supply should not loose the data. But...

This is such a new system (at the time Jan 2018) Apple would have swapped out the full system.

Apple still has not trained one or two techs at the different stores so your luck of finding an Apple Store with the certified tech will be hard and very few of the independent stores are trained at this time.

Then the availability of the parts it also an issue as Apple has not ramped up the stocking of the needed parts very well. I think they where caught off guard on how popular the system would be so they've been focusing on making systems.


They may be catching up on part production as the one I just did warranty work on was a no power no post system and they sent out power supply next day like normal it did not fix it, so system board was next and get that next day also. Like you pointed out with everything on backside of logic board it makes it more work to get at anything including PS (which is actually reasonably priced) so I was not surprised they send out the cheap part first.


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