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Razer's Mako 2.1 computer speaker system was codesigned with THX, featuring technology that uses desktop surfaces to disperse sound. The result is impressive power and clear, pleasing audio.

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Razer Mako missing Control pod

Hello. I know chances are low to fix Mako but I'll try and maybe I'm lucky. So my Mako is missing control pod. I googled every edge of the internet and could not find any kind of helpful information. No one sells Control pod separately, no information about schematics or if there is alternative way to power Mako without Pod. It would be great if there is any kind of way to get schematics so there is a chance I can fix it. Anyway if you guys have any idea how to fix my problem I'll be thankful to hear.

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I have a spare control pod I am willing to sell you. Let me know if you are still looking. email:

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Do you still have a spare control pod?

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