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The Fujifilm X-M1 is a rangefinder-style mirrorless digital camera released in September 2012.

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Repair the power button?

The power button of my X-M1 powers "on" the device, but it doesn't stay "on".

It goes automatically to "off" after few seconds.

If I put the button between the position "on" and "off", sometimes the camera stays "on" and I can take many pictures.

When this occurs, the camera seems to work perfectly.

Apparently, the power button is somewhat broken or damaged ?

Is there a way to replace or repair this button after successfully disassemble the camera ?

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Hello, Nicolas (and the other).

On the circuit there is this metal switch with four pins.

(I drew arrows around the switch on the image below)

Pins 1,2 and 4 are connected together to the circuit ground.

Pin 3 must be connected to one of the other three with a tiny wire to turn on the camera automatically.

Personally, I connected pin 3 with pin 1.

But it's the same with the other two.

It's pretty easy if you have a very precise soldering iron and a very good view.

Use a magnifying glass!

And of course insulated copper wire with a very fine diameter (~ 0.3 mm dia with the insulator)

I hope it can help.

Block Image

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Thanks again, I'll try this ASAP and give feedback here ;-)


Hi @hispanus

Thanks to your clear instructions, I managed to repair my camera! :-D

I soldered pins 1 and 4 together with a thin cable scavenged from another dead electronic device (pin 3 is very close to the golden "ring", I didn't want to take the risk).

It's important to note that the cable size and position is crucial, because it can become difficult to reassemble the top part circuitry.


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While it's been years since the ask, I recently had the same switch break on me and I ended up finding a replacement switch. It is a Panasonic ESE-18L11D and you can get them from digikey for about 50 cents. I am ordering one today so my camera should be back up and running soon, all you need to do is desolder the 4 connections and carefully solder on the new switch

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Hi @gatsbysgarage.

I was wondering if you were able to fix your camera with the Panasonic switch?


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Of course I guess the part wasn't easily available... ;-)

2 solutions (which need to fully disassemble the camera. Thanks to ifixit for that)

First solution - locate the top plate circuitry (where is the faultive on/off switch) and solder carefully a very fine wire between the two terminals to make a short circuit and permanently set the state of the camera "ON".

Reassemble the camera, put a battery in it.

The camera turns on automatically and stays ON. (if it doesn't press the shutter button)

The camera goes automatically OFF after few minutes if you don't take photos.

To wake it, just press the shutter button few seconds.

It could be the best solution.

Second solution, slightly different : if you have a stock of electronic parts and have the chance to find a very tiny on/off switch, connect it (solder...) on the two terminals of the broken switch. With 2 long and very fine cables, you can easily have an "external" switch (for exemple on the bottom plate).

This is what I did.

It works fine. Not very elegant, but at least the camera is not in the recycle bin and is still working.

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Thanks @hispanus I think i'll try the first solution as soon as I get my camera back !


Hi @hispanus !

I receiced my camera and dissasembled it, but I'm not sure where to find the 2 terminals you mentioned :-(

Some pictures to help me understand hopefully ^_^

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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I have the same problem, so I sent my camera to pm2s (maintenance partner for Fujifilm in France), and after 5 months, they answered that the spare part will never be available (should have come directly from Japan).

FYI the part is CB2428­A200 - Y29971TOP_ASSY and would have cost me around 200$ to repair...

Instead, they "offered" to replace the camera with an X-A5 at 500$ ^_^

BTW, did you manage to repair your camera?

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