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Second generation of the Toyota 4Runner.

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Why won't my truck start

My 93 4 runner 5 speed everything on the dash clicked off while I was driving the only gauge that worked was the gas gauge the head lights stayed on everything else was out the heater radio lighter everything I shut it off when I tried to start it nothing put a brand new battery in nothing the door locks wouldn't even work but the light over the back seats that works I just replaced the alternator the same day I checked the fuses not them I don't no I need help HELP

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@beheat check the main fuses. Going by what you describe you are not having power going to most of the components which could be if those fuses are blown.

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Block Image

Update (01/15/2018)

@beheat take a look on here. It has an excellent description

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I checked the fuses it's not that what else could it be


It could be a big fuses how do I check those and they just pull out yea?


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