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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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Spilled some coke on the keyboard, what do to next?

Hi, yesterday I spilled about a quater of glass of coke on the keyboard of my 13 inch 2015 MacBook Pro while it was running. I immediately turned it upside down and shut it down. Then I let it rest with the lid open and in upside down position. After about 15-20 mins, I was changing its position when I accidentally hit the power button and it turned on. I immediately turned it off again and let it rest. After another 15-20 mins, same thing happened. I was just moving it when I touched the power button and it turned on. Anyway, I turned it off again. After a couple of hours, I couldnt find any silica gel so I put a tshirt on top of the keyboard and put some rice over it as they are known to absorb moisture. Thats how it stayed overnight. Today, I put it for about an hour in sun and now its again under rice.

Now what should I do next? As it turned on fine twice after the incident, I belive it is not dead. Should I just let it sit for another day and then try turning it on? I have checked the keys, they are not sticky at all or anything. I am in Pakistan and there arent any Apple authroized service centers and I dont want to take it to a third party service center. So please suggest what’s the best I can do on my own?


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hello everyone, then confirm that your mbp are good ? the same thing happened to me today and now it's turned upside down for a 2 me pleasee


I have a similar problem. I own a 2012 Mac Book Pro and although everything is working, my keys are sticky and it's very difficult to type on a day to day basis. What do I need to do in order to get this computers keyboard fixed so that the keys don't stick anymore?

Is there anyone out there that may be able to explain the best course of action moving forward? Should I get someone to replace the keys? I'm hearing that this is not a typical Keyboard and that the keys need to be removed one by one or something like that in order to get them "unstuck". Is there hope for my computer or should I just Sell this one and buy a new one? If someone could please get back to me with some opinions I would really appreciate it! Thank!


I spilled almond milk on my today and my computer didn’t have issues I turned it off and accidentally kept turning it back on. I did it one more time and still good. I’m hoping that it stays that way I have a MacBook Air 2017


i spilled coke on my Mac book air and its from the school and it wont even turn on pls pls pls pls someone tell me what to do


I spilled soda on my macbook 2 days ago and I quickly turned it off, unplugged the battery (so the water won't electrocute the system), wiped everything dry with paper towel then put the keyboard upside down (inverted L shape) over a chair with towel, so the keyboard area is pressed against the towel for 3-4 hours, then aired out the keyboard in pyramid shape for 2 days to make sure everything is completely dry. This morning I opened the macbook and everything turned on fine. The only thing I noticed is the keyboard keys is pretty sticky because of the residue, but still works perfectly. I hope the stickiness will wear off after few days.


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I love rice but its useless in drying out a system. This is an old urban legend!

Someone assumed it works in pulling out moisture from a saltshaker so it must work for a phone or computer! Sadly, this is not true as any desiccant only pulls the moisture from the air not condensed wetness like a spilled drink. Besides it won't remove the minerals, sugar or acids in your soda which is what will do the most harm.

So what to do?? First you need to open your system to disconnect the battery ASAP! And leave it disconnected or remove it fully.

Next you'll need to remove the spilled drink using distilled water (not tap water!) and 85% or better isopropyl alcohol. Time is critical as the sooner you clean the spill out the better! Using cotton swabs (Q-Tips) wipe down what you can see if its a lot you may need to dip the part in a tub of distilled water and use a small paint brush or soft toothbrush to scrub the areas. this works for the logic board but any part that is porous like the keyboard & trackpad will need to be taken apart or replaced.

If you can't do this then you'll need to find someone with the skills locally to help you. for now keep the system as cool as you can to slow down the chemical reactions.

So why distilled water and not tap water?

Distilled water is PURE water (H2O) in this form it dissolves the water soluble stuff and neutralizes the acids. allowing you to wash it all away. Tap & spring water have lots of minerals in solution with the water its these impurities which do the damage. Just like the can of Coke you spilled it will leave a corrosive film which over time will cause harm. unlike the distilled water which when dried won't leave a film.

Isopropyl alcohol allows us to remove the fats & oils that maybe present it also acts as a drier for the distilled water which speeds up its drying. Even still we want to allow the parts to fully dry before we reassemble and test the system out.

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Ok so I did find a local Apple Authorized Service Center. On Monday morning, I turned on the laptop and everything was working fine. However, some keys were a bit sticky. I took it to the service center thinking I will have them open and clean it. They said due to the way this model of MacBook is built they wont be able to open the keyboard and clean it but they can replace it including the complete top panel. But they advised to keep using it like this.

Anyway, I watched some videos on YouTube on how to take out individual keys. So I took about the keys that were sticky (about 20), soaked them in hot distilled water for a while. Let them dry afterwards and then cleaned them with 70% isopropyl alcohol (couldnt find 85%). And put everything back in, now thankfully everything is working fine. Keys are tactile like they should be.

I guess I will either keep using this MacBook till the 2018 one comes and then upgrade.


Okay. I'm glad I'm not alone. I did this EXACT thing yesterday. I never turned it upside or anything, and I left it on the whole time, but I swabbed up most of the Coke with kleenex seconds after it spilled. Like you, the keys on the right side of the keyboard are sticky, and Apple said they can't fix it. I'm going to look up what you found on YouTube and give it a try. I, too, am waiting on the next upgrade to the MBP. Wish me luck. I've never popped the keys off my laptop before!


Ally's, what's the status on your MacBook? And Afaq, my girlfriend has the exact same model and problem as you, except with hot chocolate. What's the status on your MacBook?


Mine is doing pretty darn good! I have cleaned almost all the keys on the right hand of my keyboard. The only ones I haven't gotten off are the Shift and Return keys. The Shift, Return and Delete keys are bigger than the others and have a narrow metal bar attached on them that make them harder to pull off and clean. All in all, I can't complain. I may buy one of the new MBPs, but I can't wrap my head around how much they want for them. It's fully $1K over what I paid for this one.


Will this work for Mac book pro 13" w touch bar?


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I spilled a Diet Rite ZERO cola on my 2020 MacBook Pro. Did not try to wipe it of for fear of spreading it. I immediately turned it off and over over on a towel and left left it it key board down on the towel over the table edge in an inverted "L." That evening, I elevated it on two blocks in the same inverted position to allow ventilation and left it over night. The next day I started it up and it worked perfectly normal. I tested all the keys on a TEXT EDIT worksheet and they were fine with neither sticky key nor sticking keys, thanks to the drink being sugar free. There was no stain from the cola.

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does the PC still work?


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I have a Mac book pro 13" 2022, did the same thing, spilled Dr Pepper. apple wants more to fix it then I paid for it.

Tried to 91% alcohol, still not working. HELP!

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