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An android smartphone released by BLU Products in December 2013.

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Incorrect pin for Bluetooth but no way to change it

I have a BLU 5.0 Mega that I am trying to pair with my Jabra Step. It finds the step, but when it tries to pair I get a message saying it can't connect because of an incorrect pin / passkey, but I don't see where I can enter a passkey.

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Try some default codes, they are usually 0000, 1234 or 9999. The device should display the code, its odd that it does not. Good luck!

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Thanks Reed, but there was never any place to enter a code. It turns out that after I hold down the Jabra Step multifunction button for 5 seconds to start it (per the instructions) I had to continue to hold it down for another two or three seconds until I heard it say it was in pairing mode (mentioned nowhere in the instructions). After that it immediately paired to both of my phones. Yahoo!


Glad you fixed it! Sorry I wasn't of any help.


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