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What is the processor bus speed?

I wondering what the processor bus speed is? Is it the connector on the motherboard or the link speed of the processor. I know that the current processor bus is 800MHz. Can I put a faster 1066MHz processor in it and it will the specs change in the bios settings?

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bus speed depends on CPU and motherboard. If you exceed the maximum supported bus speed of your motherboard it sometimes works (most mother boards don't support that's why they have CPU supported lists for them). If you are buying a new CPU you should look in the CPU supported list for specific motherboard.

I hope this answers your question if not message me.

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Yes. Sort of answers my question. So there is a max bus speed on the motherboard? How can I find out what the max bus is?


Max bus speed you can find out in intel web site for specific CPUs or Motherboard manufacturer site only for old motherboards


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