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lg blu-ray player bpm25(Region 1/A) work in europe?

Hello, i'm interesting to buy LG BPM25 Blu-ray player (Region 1/A) because i have a lot blu ray/dvd discs in region 1/A. I live in Europe. This blu ray player can work in Europe?

I found that US LG Blu ray Players use an Ac/Dc adapter called WA 12M12FU with input: 100-120v ~50/60hz 0.5A with output 12v 1A.

LG European blu ray players use an Ac/Dc adapter called WA 12M12FG with input: 100-240v ~50/60hz 0.5A with output 12V 1A.

If i use this European adapter to LG BPM25 (Region 1/A) can work?


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@msts88 yes that will work for as long as you change the AC adapter to the WA 12M12FG. It supplies the right voltage to the player and will deal with the higher European voltage. The playback will work since your Blu-Rays and Blu-Ray Player both support the same region

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So, don't need transform the voltage 240v to 120v, only change the ac/dc adapter? I found one on Ebay exactly the same with the WA 12M12FG with input:100-240v~ 50/60hz 0.55A and output +12V 1A. this adapter will do? I'm new to this stuff, that's why i asked you. Thanks


@msts88 correct. you just need the European AC adapter


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