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GSM version of the fourth generation of iPad released November 2, 2012. Model Number A1459 / 16, 32, or 64 GB

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no wifi greyed out.

I have an iPad 4 GSM and the wifi and bluetooth switch is greyed out. the iPad has never been dropped or been exposed to water. It is in pristine condition. I tried a method of placing the iPad in the freezer for 15 min and when i took it out, the wifi and bluetooth started working again. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary fix. What should i do to fix this myself. Is it possible to find the exact wifi chip and replace myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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It seems that the IC in charge of that task (usually wifi and bluetooth are going right) is damaged or is "separating" from the motherboard. The only solution is to change it (I do not advise reflow)

You need a technician specialized in that type of repairs or it will hurt more than repair. It is a delicate repair and you need tools and many hours of training to do it. I advise you to look for a specialized technician in your area or request a quote from a partner of iFixit.

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