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Computer asking for password on start up that isnt my normal password

I left my computer in the computer room and when I came back it had a screen that was black and a blue box in the middle (see image).

It asks the enter password but it is not the password I usually use to sign in with. From what research I have done it appears I have to put in some sort of admin password (not the admin account tried that) or a password that came with the computer.

I no longer have to box or instruction manual stupidly threw it out and I appear to be lack of a serial number on the bottom of my laptop.

I have tried calling asus support but cannot get through.

I do not want to do a hard reset as I have documents I need to get to.

Also this is the actual computer I have (running windows 10) as I could not find it in the options

ASUS 13.3 inch UX360 Zenbook Flip 360 Degrees Touchscreen Notebook

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Ahh thats a CMOS password. If this is a shared lab then someone did this. If your computer does not have a removable CMOS battery then you will have to try one of the free password removal tools online. If it does then remove the battery and make a coffee or go for a walk or something. After letting it sit for about 10ish mins then put it back in.

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Unfortunately the battery is not removable.

Do you have any password removal tools u recommend or is any one I just google good enough?


My computer does not have a disk drive so I assume I would have to boot with a USB in and the software installed on it?


Yes. And i mean the CMOS battery. Not the actual computer battery. It would look something like this: Asus X502C-RB01 CMOS Battery Replacement

Also can you get into the BIOS? With your f-whatever key


Also no none of your data will be affected.


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