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iPhone 6s plus detect charge bolt but not charge

hello everyone and happy Christmas !!

I have an iphone 6s plus that detects the charge and appears lightning symbol but does not actually charge and does not absorb ....

The voltage on the battery connector fluctuates between 2.5 volts and 1 volts.

tested the flat dock connector.

I changed tristar and mosfet (u2) without solving the problem.

I have not changed trigris because I have 5 volts ...

could he be the cause or some resistance ???

pretty early

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Which MOSFET did you replace; Q2300 or Q4500?

Your phone is suffering from "fake charging" and has all of the hallmark symptoms of a defective Tristar IC. Seeing as how you already replaced it, I would probe around the circuit to insure everything is securely in place and consider replacing Tristar again.

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hi minho I replaced both q2300 and q4500.

I have an update ...

connecting the phone to the bench power supply I have 1.8 volts and 3 volts on capacitors around the tristar, while if I connect the phone by cable and battery the 1.8 volts and 3 volts do not reach those tristar capacitors @refectio


What happens if you only have the battery connected?

Check the voltage output of your battery and if it looks ok, then double check Tigris & Q2300.


with the inserted battery or lightning cable I have no 1.8 volts and 3 volts on tristar capacitors ... with bench power supply instead of .ok later I try


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