Fuse shuts off when I press the power button of my expresso machine

Hi everyone. I got a problem with my Delonghi micalite Expresso Machine. When I press the power button to turn it on the fuse shuts down and if I try again the same thing happens.

I've done this continuity checkup which I found in another post:

"This is usually caused by the heating element rupturing and shorting to the boiler/casing. You can test for this by removing the top/back of the machine (6 small phillips-head screws) and checking for continuity across the heating element contacts (the two 90 degree prongs sticking out of the top of the boiler). If there's no continuity then the boiler needs to be rebuilt with a new heating element and boiler gasket."

The result was .049, which is good I guess. I attached two pictures for you to check if I've tested the right ends.

Anyone know what's the next step to found the problem?

Thank you!

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