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My iMac G5 is Overheating and crashing when using heavy graphics.

My iMac overheats and then crashes when running heavy graphics or flash content. I ran the ASD and it failed the graphics test. As well there are red dotted lines across the screen. I am sure the graphics card has failed but that would mean replacing the motherboard, correct?

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Thank you for your response it mollified my original thoughts about the machine.


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This is a fairly well known problem. A lot of these had solder problems with the video card. This is a very difficult repair and requires a component level tech. To work around the problem I would open it up and use some canned air to clean the fans and vents as much as possible. Here's some links to other answers on this problem:

There are vertical lines in my screen..

replace logic board with core duo?

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Also there's the option to have it repaired:


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There are 3 ways you could fix this.

  • 1: replace the logic board which is expensive.
  • 2: Reball the soldering on the GPU chip which is hard and you need the right equipment to do this like a good soldering iron, a reballing station, the right stencil for your GPU, soldering wick, flux, and the right size lead free soldering balls. All this stuff will probably cost you more than a new logic board. Search "reballing" on youtube so you get an idea of the process.
  • 3: Reflow the GPU using a $9.00 heat gun, a $1.00 roll of aluminum foil and a little bit of lead free soldering.

About a year ago I had the same problem with a 20in ALS iMac G5, a guy on here posted instructions on how to do the reflow. I would suggest you do this yourself since your logic board is pretty much screwed up anyways. There is no other way to fix this and with time the condition of your imac will deteriorate until it wont boot up anymore. Since my original question I have fixed about a dozen G5s the same way and it has worked every single time!

Here is the thread: video graphics and boot issues

Make sure you find out what is causing the overheating and fix that because otherwise the problem will come back, trust me on that. I had to reflow one G5 like 3 times until I found out the stupid temp sensor was missing.

Good luck!

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