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The BLU Life XL can be identified by its model number: L050U. This smartphone was released January 2016, has a octa/quad core processor, Wi-Fi capability and a 13 mega-pixel rear facing camera.

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My phone has locked me out!

My phone is the BLU LIfe One X2. It prompted me to update my wireless software (sort of like the software update of the phone) and I did.

It than prompted me to install the update after which it rebooted and requested for my unlock PIN. After keying in my unlock PIN, it said that's the wrong PIN. I have tried again and again, rebooting, powering off and on again, it keeps asking for the PIN. I have 101% sure of the PIN the I am keying in but it won't work. Now, it has given me a warning that if I input a wrong PIN 9 more times, my phone will be wiped.

Does anyone have an idea of what PIN it's talking about? I have even tried the conventional 1234 and also 0000 but none of that works.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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I think I just found an answer to my own question.

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