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Not chatging, more information in the description.

I have an iphone 6s+ that is not charging or being recognized by a PC.

I checked the voltage of the battery and its reading around 3.5 volts which im assuming is dead, the port on the board is only supplying .63 volts to the battery i dont know if this is normal or not. Any help would be great.

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3.5V does not mean the battery is dead, it's just below starting voltage which means it just needs to be charged up and normally it would charge up in the phone.

If possible try another battery and see if you can switch it on, then see if it charges.

If it charges fine, turn the phone off while the charger is plugged in. Once the phone has turned off check if there is current still going through the charging port.

If not, replacing U2 Tristar charging IC.

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i dont know HOW to replace the U2 Tristar Charging IC and it would probably cost more than what im getting off of selling this phone any way so..


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You same my problam.

If I stay. You land I will. Buy u2300or u1700 small chip but I live in thailand

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