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The temperature gauge and RPM gauge suddenly stopped working

We have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous with 61,000 miles and last night the temperature gauge and RPM gauge indicated the vehicle temp. was hot (after starting and driving a mile) and the RPM gauge was off the chart...too many RPM's for the speed. Is this a fuse problem or a sensor problem. The odometer, speedometer and gas gauge all work.

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Well, it might not be. When you say "off the chart" what were the revs? And did the car sound like it was revving high? Also when it idles, what does the tachometer say and does the idle sound high if the tach says its high?

It could either be accurate readings, or a car just being a car. You could take it to autozone and they would scan your computer for you to see if there could be any codes relating to your problem.

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