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Lanciato da Samsung a marzo 2016. Modello SM-G930.

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All Sensors not working

All my sensors bar the finger print sensor are not working





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It has been updated but it stopped working before the update

I cannot take battery out it's a sealed unit

I bought it of friend who got it on a contract with Vodafone and decided he liked his iPhone better (crazy I know).



i had the same problem on my Galaxy S7. All Sensorsw stopped working without me doing anything. Also it didn't fall or came near water or anything. I had only zeros or N/A on the *#0*#-test screen. An update to Oreo also didn't help.

My solition was to shut the phone down and hold the power-botton for like 30 seconds. After that I just powered my phone up and it was working again.

I knew this trick from my laptop, and i hink it's used to drain the charge on the motherboard, but i don't know.

I hope it helps


This actually worked like a charm!!! haha

I didn't even know what I was doing as it is not clear at what point should you keep pressing the power button, but I just kept pressing once it shut down and after the reboot started back again and it worked


Wow holding down the power button realy works. Thanks alot. My sensor malfunctioning was caused by water damage.


3 years later and Sephiroth's suggestion is still helping somebody. Thanks a lot. I was skeptical at first but holding the power button really works. Can't believe it was that simple.


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Have you updated your device recently? If not try doing that, and after leave your battery out for 10s. Once rebooted try using an application with them. Also where did you purchase your device from, if it wasn't directly from a trusted store, you may have a knockoff.

Goodluck :)

Update (11/11/2017)

You can test your sensors via: Phone app> Dial: *#0*# > Klik Sensor.

The IP68 certification implies water resistents in the case of fresh none streaming water and a phone in new-state. This does not imply water with chemicals in it(salt water, chloor etc.). This means that the phone as rolled out of the factory is water resistant and can stand fresh water to up to 1.5m.

When the phone falls into a bucket it might happen that the sealed edges are not sealed anymore because of the fall damage, this can also happen when user-damage is on the phone.

In most cases water damage is not covered via warenty; if you are confident that what is mentioned above is not the case on your phone you can always send it for repair. But keep in mind the repairman can see in the phone if water damage has slipt because of user damage. If this is the case the costs for repair will be your own.

(P.S This isn't my answer, Credit goes to userfTPcEJKnSe @ )

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s7 edge sensor not workin after sofware updat

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try to back to the previous version

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Gyro is not working samsung galaxy s7

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