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Why does my phone restart after startup...

When I sometimes power on my J1 Ace, I do my password but nothing happens, at this point I can't power off no'r turn the screen off, It's basically frozen. After 30s-1 minute,

The phone does a re-boot and sits on the slow flashing samsung for awhile then loads.

This may have to do with storage or something, But I have no clue...

Any Ideas?

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Did you improve the information given after you bumped or checked your spelling? No-one could answer it before.


Well I was hoping someone could at least try help


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Sounds a bit like a boot error try wiping the cache partition This will clear the boot memory so you get a clean boot . Try it and let me know . If all else fails do a factory reset but remember to back up your data. This video shows how to hard reset or factory reset

instead of doing the reset go down to wipe cache partition and do that first and see if that brings joy . If you get no joy then a factory reset will probably fix it but again remember to back up your data and contacts as a factory reset will wipe it clean . And @mayer I wasn't online yesterday so the bump did help and Brayden hope this helps

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I will try this @jimfixer Thanks!


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Did you update your phone? from phone update through internet?

Try to Downgrade your ROM Version.

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Haha, I finally ended my Phones life. (Dropped on a Sidewalk xD) . But it seems to be a rec curing factor in these models... Oh well.. Thanks anyway!


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