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[SOLVED] Zenbook not booting - No BIOS access


First, my laptop worked perfectly untill yesterday. Then I had the genius idea to try a USB key bootable linux. So I prepared my hard bootable key, gently put it in my usb slot.

Trying to make it work, I had to change a few parameters in the bios configuration menu (allow boot from non-verified source & select USB key as primary boot option).

Well... it didn't work. I did several trials so I don't remember exactly what I changed with the last one from a BIOS point of view. I selected "MBR for UEFI" in the making of the portable USB key with Rufus though.

Now, my laptop won't boot, and very worst, I cannot access the bios configuration menu. When I hit start, I see the Asus splashscreen indefinetely, and nothing (I have tried any key, but I used to press "delete" to access the configuration menu) seems to change that. The keyboard backlight flashes at the beginning for around 1s, then turns off. Then it stays with the asus logo for ever.

The only thing I have noticed is that when I press "escape" at the very beginning of the now-very-short boot sequence, the Asus splashscreens disappears for a beautiful black screen.

If you have any idea and are willing to share it with me, it would be super cool as my last option is now to throw the laptop against my backyard tree.

Thank you very much !

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I got it ! yeah !

Here is the way that worked for me, hoping it will be of some use for someone one day :

- Turn off computer

- Disassemble chassis in order to unplug battery and KRT battery (not sure if necessary)

- Push power button for 30s in order to unload any remaining electrostatic charge

- Put the power back

- Maintain F2 and press "start" for 30sec

Didn't worked the first time but after 2 trials, miracle, it finally worked.

Thank you everyone for your help.

Have a good day (I sure will).

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Hmm strange,

When it does go black, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del

That will restart the booting process instead of having to reboot the entire device.

It's strange that you can't access the bios settings, so it seems you've wiped the OS.

If you can access the config try reseting everything to default and then boot off the USB, make sure the USB is priority and that their is nothing but the OS on the flash drive.

Another thing could be a faulty USB or you've bricked the motherboard...

But goodluck If you still need help I'll try my best to help. :)

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Hi Brayden, thanks.

The thing is that I cannot access any setting so no going back to default option.

It seems that the computer stops doing anything after just 2 seconds, I think before launching the OS.

I believe that it does not find any bootable partition (due to bad configuration) but I cannot change it.

I have tried with an other USB key and same result.

I'm afraid I have bricked the MB... therefore the computer on such devices.

I am now trying to unplug the laptop battery + kts battery, and wait and pray for the bios conf in the CMOS gets erased. I'm not very confident it'll work. I will also try another keyboard, but hope gets scarce at this moment.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help.


No problem, yeah maybe getting a new CMOS Battery might help, but I doubt it very much, But maybe a new motherboard is the way to go :/


@darkethereal A new motherboard? You have to be kidding!


@Mayer tell me how to repair a bricked MB? I would like to know since we try our best to repair the damaged items.


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