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extending bluetooth antenna for better range

hi , i am using a 27 inch imac \late2010 in the bedroom

my keyboard has trouble staying connected the whole time when

i am typing from the bed , the mouse and trackpad have less trouble staying connected from that range . i have opened the

imac several times , and have seen the bluetooth dongle on the top right . Is it possible to just extend the antenna to get the extra range ?????

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Here's one way to extend your range up to a mile ( a bit of over kill):

With this one you don't have to make any mods, just plug it in:

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I don't think we need 30km range. Is there any solution to extend the range to, say, 20m? As with the OP, I'm happy to open up the Mac if necessary.

Update: Here's a more reasonable alternative (bonus: It works with iOS devices too):

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