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The Olympus Stylus 1010 is a 10.1 MP digital camera with 7x optical dual image stabilized zoom. It has a 14.7 MB XD-Picture Card. The camera is 99 x 56 x 25 mm and weighs 136 grams.

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How to unprotect my xd card

When i switch on my camera up appears a black screen with a red square and written in red inside is write protect with an exclimation mark. I have read the manual and it tells me how to protect files but not how to undo the protection.I cannot take any photos and it won't let me delete any photos on the camera or plugged into the computer. Can you help? Thanks Kim Ingram

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Kim Ingram, I am not yet sure of your camera but many of them include a feature to write protect some or even all of the image on the card. Is it possible that this feature was somehow enabled? Also if you're using a card reader to transfer/view the files on the computer it is possible that perhaps while viewing the card as a "mass storage device" that somehow the properties were set to write protected. Okay I just checked the manual and it says for possible cause " Writing to the card is prohibited" and the corrective action " The recorded image hast been protected (read only) on a computer Download the image to a computer and cancel the read only setting" Check your manual, page 57. The procedure to protect and unprotect is described on page 32 and 33. Take a look at the picture it says on or off for protecting the image. Of course not sure if you and I have the same manual. Try to download it from here Good Luck to you and hope it works out.

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Hi old turkey thanks for this. I have this manual and still had problems. I could not get onto the playback / edit menu to do anything. I have formatted my camera which has worked but all the pictures have been deleted. Although i did use a card reader it was not for my xd card as there was not a slot for it. I still do not know how this happened but thankfully the problem is fixed.Thanks for all you help and if i have any more problems ( hopefully not) I will contact this website. Cheers



I think it was just because your pics were protecting which did not allow you to erase them but did allow you to format your card. Great that you got it resolved and hopefully no more problems. Now all you have to do it convert your comment to an answer and accept it so we know you got it resolved. Again, great job.


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SD & XD cards have a little slider on them that 'protects' the data. It can be moved by accident during handling. (look for a switch that says 'lock' and an arrow, then move the slider in the other direction to unlock it)

I've gotten bit by that stupid slider often enough that I now super glue the darn things in the unlocked position when I get a new card!

If that doesn't do it, copy the files to your hard disk, then reformat the SD card.

Good luck.

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