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Repair and additional information for the GE Profile Refrigerator PFE28RSH, a bottom-mounted freezer refrigerator with French Door access, introduced in 2014, and equipped with an automatic ice maker. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern PFE28RSH****.

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No water, interior lights, and cooling on GE PFE28RSHESS refrigerator

I have a GE PFE28RSHESS refrigerator. A few days ago I opened up the refrigerator doors and noticed that the interior lights were not coming on. A small green light on the vegetable tray does come on. Thought maybe it was a stuck door sensor but that didn't seem to be the case.

I also noticed that water was not coming out of the dispenser. The touch screen still worked and I could access all the buttons/settings through the touch screen but the water wouldn't work. The icemaker still deliverered ice (although I doubt it was making more ice).

The first thing I did was power the refrigerator off and on. That caused everything to start working again (lights + water). However that didn't last very long and eventually went back to the no lights/water/cooling. I've since cycled the refrigerator every time it gets in to this state (which is daily now) but obviously that's not a long term solution.

Any ideas?

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Someone Else - I'd check all the door switches. One could be sticking, acting as if the door is still open after you've shut it. you have 3, top left and right of fresh food section, top right of freezer. Simply push the switch and see if it works-the fresh food section has 2 switches-you'll have to push both switches at the same time to see if the lights go off. I'd suggest turning the "door alarm" on. You can do that on the display. You'll hear a signal when the door is open

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@ladytech have I told you lately how much your participation on answers is appreciated, at least by me. How's the being out on your own going? Is there anything we can do to help you succeed? It does get lonely out here ;-) Especially at the end of the month and the bills haven't been covered.


Mayor Thanks! I've been doing better than I expected. Considering that I haven't advertised yet, I've managed to pay the bills, get insured, buy torches, vac pump, scales and 30 lbs R134A and go to the Turkeyfest! Thanks to the local pawn shops I was able to get what I needed cheap! I did buy 2 of the ifixit posters for my shop and a ifixit ladies t-shirt I've worn it a few times just running errands and have gotten several comments. By the way, the lady shirt sizes run small.

Seriously, it is lonely & quite without being micro-managed, and I love it!

What ways can ya'll help me succed? I'm not one to pass up help.


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Only your peers are going to respect anything you do on this site. @oldturkey03 I'm so proud of you for stepping out there on your own. It can be very lonely and frightening. Only those that have done it have any idea. May our camaraderie be enough. "from this day to the end of time, without our being remembered: we few, we happy few, we band of brothers—for whoever sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother. However humble his birth, this day shall grant him nobility".

Turn volume to max and rock out. It's from my heart to you. Replay as needed.

Who loves you baby?


As far as the ladies t-Shirt sizes running small, remember that @kaykay is only 5' 1". I'm sure she will be more than happy to rectify the size issue. If not just tell me what size you are and I'll buy you one. In your business you need one with a long tail, no wise cracks needed here.


@mayer thanks for the head's up! I'll email you directly Loretta and get a new t-shirt your way.


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Hi Loretta,

Thanks for those suggestions. I've turned on the door alarm but haven't heard it go off. Last weekend I took the bottom access panel off from the back of the refrigerator. The fan seemed to be working fine but there was a layer of dust on it so I cleaned that off. On the coils that went under the fan there was some water that I dried up using a paper towel. Since that time (it's been 3 days), the problem hasn't repeated itself. Not sure if I'm just lucky or if I've bought myself some time.

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Someone Else - We will just have to wait and see what happens. These appliances have a mind of their own sometimes. I like to blame it on gremlins. lol The coils do need to be cleaned at least once a year, more often if you have indoor pets. Always unplug it before cleaning the coils. A vacuum is good at removing the dust. At Walmart I found this perfect tool to clean the coils. Made by MrClean its a long narrow brush for under $5 that is excellent for cleaning the coils on the refrigerator as well as getting the lint out of a clothes dryer. Pull out the lint screen and brush out all the lint in the housing thats accumulated. Unplug the dryer before cleaning!


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Even though this board seems to offer more spam than anything else, I'd figure I would come back and provide the real solution to the problem I described.

Search the interweb for GE Appliances Service Bulletin REF05-15. There is a fresh food evaporator fan that needs to be replaced and a software update that needs to be applied.

Here are the symptoms from the bulletin:

Fresh Food Evaporator Fan Contributing to Warm Temperatures

Possible Symptoms:

•Fresh food temperatures warm overall

•Fresh food temperatures warm in the top of the compartment and freezing at the bottom

•Fresh food temperature intermittently warm, then cools normally

•Excessive fresh food fan sounds from the fan surging while attempting to reach normal operating speed

•No display on the UI (User Interface)

•Interior LED lighting inoperative

•Compressor not running

•Complete shutdown of refrigerator

•Possible 106, 107 or 108 error code displayed in Service Diagnostics (see Page 2)

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