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Processore A1418 / EMC 3069 / 2017 / 3.0 GHz quad-core i5, 3.4 GHz quad-core i5 o 3.6 GHz quad-core i7. Rilasciato l'8 giugno 2017.

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Have Fusion Drive want to upgrade to SSD


I have a 21.5" iMac 4K (2017) 1TB Fusion Drive and want to upgrade to a SSD.

Is it possible?

What I have to do?

Update (10/18/2017)

Oh! Crucial has a new SATA SSD which is very fast and CHEAP!

480 GB für 150€! It comes with an adapter.


Update (25.10.2017)

Okay thank you guys! Now I understand.

$@$* happens ... I had bought an iMac with normal HDD and this can be changed easily... $@$* !

Fusion drive is almost the badest thing ....

Thank you!

Update (25.10.2017)

And 1TB Fusion Drive has 32 GB SSD and not 24 GB... ;-)

Apple says:

„Der 1 TB Fusion Drive kombiniert eine 1 TB Festplatte mit 32 GB schnellem SSD Speicher“

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Hold on here! The Crucial SSD is a 2.5" SSD. It's not a PCIe Blade SSD. You'll be giving up your current HD for the SSD.

Remember a Fusion Drive is the two physical drives within the system (SATA HDD & PCIe SSD) which then present themselves as one drive logically.

Apple uses a very small SSD in the 1TB Fusion Drive configs (24 GB) which is why it makes sense to replace it Vs the HDD.


Huh?! It is 32 GB „SSD“ in a 1 TB FusionDrive but i think the FusionDrive is one Harddrive which I can change ?!

The new 2,5“ Crucial is very fast!!

Do you mean I cant change the HDD?


The FusionDrive is too slow and not supported by APFS....


No, its Logically 'One Drive' but is made up of two discreet physical drives using both the systems drive ports: HDD SATA port And the blade SSD port. Here's a good write-up: Wikipedia - Fusion Drive. I think you are thinking of a SSHD drive like: Seagate FireCuda SSHD which is a single drive with an onboard NAND flash used as a cache. That is not what Apple did here sorry.

Bottom line: You have no free ports to add-in still another drive.

Not saying the Crucial is a bad drive.

It's a matter of swapping out either the SATA HD for your Crucial SSD Or swapping out the Apple 24 GB blade SSD with a bigger Apple SSD.

Its up to you which way to go... I personally would want to hold on to my SATA HDD and put in a larger blade SSD.

But! As I said before your system is so new you'll loose the warranty opening it up so as a better solution I would go with the external USB3 or better a Thunderbolt SSD drive for now.


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Sounds like you already have some type of SSD, as a fusion drive is a combination of a standard drive and an SSD. Please go under the Apple to about this Mac and look up what two drives you have.

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mmm... At this point I think you are a bit stuck.

If you can I would return the system and get a SSD only model instead. If thats not an option then...

The next best option is to get an external Thunderbolt RAID drive like either of these: OWC - Mercury Elite Pro - Dual drive or OWC - ThunderBay-4 mini - Quad drive and add in your own SSD's.

As your system is so new I wouldn't opening it up as you'll loose your warranty. But if you are willing then you'll need backup your drive first, then break the Fusion Drive set before you open the system following this IFIXIT guide: iMac Intel 21.5" Retina 4K Display (2017) Logic Board Replacement The issue is you need to pull the blade SSD and get a replacement. Your current SSD is only 24 GB which is quite small. Once you replace the SSD with the larger SSD you should be fine. Now the Rub! Getting a larger SSD will be expensive as well as hard.

Which is why I think given of the issues here it is smarter to go with the external drive.

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how much estimate or cost if i send my mac to a repair shop, adding more ram

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Sadly its not an easy job as you need to pull the logic board out. I charge $80 ~ 90 labor plus the cost of the RAM and replacement adhesive tapes, depending on the condition of the system.


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