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Repair guides and support for the fifth-generation Century, a series of front-wheel drive coupes and sedans manufactured by Buick.

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How to replace interior and exterior door handle

I'm needing to replace everything for my door handles, including the door handles themselves and the mechanism inside the door. Can someone post a how-to please? I've looked everywhere on YouTube and Google videos, still can't find a repair/replace for this specific issue. Also please include all parts I'll need to buy to get the job done. Thanks!

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The outside door handles are reached by removing the inside door panels and then unbolting two nuts, (usually 10mm.) The handle usually has a push rod which engages the latch mechanism . I can't tel from the question what the original problem was.

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First take the door panel off so you can access the handle. Here's how:

Go here and enter your exact model for the parts:

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