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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Speaker Dented, Will it effect the water proofing

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My speaker got hit with a ball, and now has a dent in it, the sound is not at all affected but I am concerned if this could ruin the water proofing?

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I have a dent in the exact same spot it fell out of the cubby whole in my work van


Same here it feel out my backpack on my way home thinking of taking apart to hammer the dent out but don’t know if I should due to the waterproofing but idk ?‍♂️ if it’s just splash proof will this really be an issue I have a 1st gen MegaBoom. I just want to be able to be confident around the pool with it.


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From what I see you dented the metal grill over the speaker.

So if you have a Boom2 unit then I think you'll be OK (you still need to have the connectors sealed) for it to be water resistant.

If on the other had have the older Boom unit then its only splash proof not waterproof!

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Thank you for that, it is the old one so best not take it swimming


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