Why won't my Airturn pedal show up to pair in bluetooth?

My BT-105 Airturn pedal will no longer show up in the list of bluetooth devices to pair on my Surface Pro 3. It used to although the pedal often needed to be reset to work (about once a week.) I have troubleshooted the BT-105 with Airturn technical support and it is working properly. (It pairs with my phone.) The problem seems to be with the Surface Pro. My keyboard, pen, and mouse are pairing fine with the Surface Pro but I can't get the pedal to show up on the list to pair anymore.

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Is all the software and drivers up to date on the Surface pro? Most connectivity issues can be resolved via software updates. Check device drivers to see if there are any issues.


Thanks, I'll check that.


So what happened here?

I have a Surface Pro 3 with BT105 and been having the same problems too recently. Used to be okay but sometimes after 20 mins I still cannot pair.

Windows says I have all updates.

Any help please?


I still haven't solved the problem. All the software was up to date as far as I could tell.



Don't know the tablet but what OS (full version details) is installed?

Check whether the BT adapter drivers as shown in Device Manager are the adapter manufacturer's drivers for the OS or whether they are the "generic" Windows drivers for the BT adapter.

Go to the BT adapter maker's website and check if there are drivers for the particular model BT adapter for the OS that is installed in the tablet.

Sometimes having the "generic" Windows drivers causes problems. After all the device manufacturer knows their product best.

I say to check this as sometimes Windows updates (especially the "major" ones in Win 10, if that is what you have installed) can override what drivers are installed and install their own. Why I don't know.

Just a thought.


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