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Apple Watch Series 2, announced September 7th, 2016 and released September 16 2016.

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Would replacing my screen jeopardise the watch’s waterproof properties

I have a large, deep scratch in the screen of my Apple Watch series 2. It has started to get on my nerves, and I have begun to consider replacing the screen myself. Would replacing the screen cause the watch to no longer be waterproof?

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First it is water resistant not waterproof

If you do the repair, any remaining warranty you have will be kaput.

Replacing it yourself and getting as good a seal as the factory did is unlikely.

The part is out of stock and expensive. I'd call Apple as see what they are charging first.

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There's no way to guarantee that it would still have the same water resistant rating. Also, the replacement adhesive strips I have found so far are a bit thicker than the OEM one. So after you re-set the screen in place, it sticks up a teeny, tiny bit higher than it did originally. Literally, we're talking a fraction of a millimeter, but it is enough to feel. And if you really look closely, you can see the difference too. Does that matter? Maybe, maybe not, but personally, I worry a little bit about the edges of the screens being that much easier to chip.

Personally, before I did anything else, I would try picking up a good screen protector (probably one of the plastic ones like the stuff from Armorsuit, not a tempered glass one) and see if that covers up the scratch enough to not bother you so much.

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