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Rilasciato il 19 Settembre 2104, è la versione con schermo più grande (5.5") dell'iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 plus stuck in headphone mode

This iPhone came into my store saying its in headphone mode. When there's no headphones plugged in and i try adjusting the volume it still says headphones. I've tried replacing the entire flex cable with the charging port and microphone and it still is having the same issue. There aren't any Bluetooth speakers attached or anything; blue tooth is off. Tried turning it off and on again. Still having issues.

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The Lightning/Headphone Flex was the logical thing to try...

It is possible your replacement flex is bad although to have the exact same problem; seems like slim odds to me. What is the history of this device? Perhaps there are some clues there. My fear is that this is logic board related but it'd be nice to know what this phone has been through (drops, water, repairs...)

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Phone doesn't seem to have any water damage. This customer has come in with a SIM card issue before. I put in a working SIM card without issue so i'm thinking it was just a bad SIM. Besides that; no information I can give. I think the phone has been dropped. Customer insisted he hasn't but I'm finding that harder and harder to believe. I'm trying some different charging ports to see if that'll work.


I out another flex cable on and the issue persists. Would a restore do the trick?


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