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Gaming laptop with a 13 inch screen released in October 2014. Can be identified by model number P56G001.

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Battery not detected after replacement

My alienware 13r2 battery died, so I replaced it with one from BattPit (you can find them on amazaon). Now when I turn on my laptop there's an error message: the battery cannot be identified ... etc... wont charge.

My question is: does my laptop need a genuine Dell battery? Or can I somehow get this one from BattPit to work?

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I also have alienware 13, bought a new Battpit battery, updated Bios, tried different chargers, replaced power port!!! Help!!!


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@zdan could be your charger, your BIOS or a bad battery. Since we can rule out your battery I would suggest you check the BIOS. Check this video at 04:20. Or you can just get an original Dell battery...;)

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