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It was put into the washing machine by mistake

I forgot that it was in my pocket before I turned on the washing machine... I left the iPod in rice for a week and I turned it on and the screen is dim.. I tried to make it brighter but the brightness is up to the top... everything works perfectly except the dim screen.. what do I do?

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@nicolej2307 you should have skipped the rice. """Rice does not work''' It does not prevent corrosion nor does it fix your iPod.

The way you should have approached it is to disassemble your iPod (PITA) by using these guides. The clean everything with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and replace the battery.

Anyhow, all academics for now. In your case the backlight has failed, possibly shortened out by the water. There are no schematics for this iPod so you can a. disassemble it and try to find the right part (almost impossible unless you have a spare that you can measure the components on) and replace it or b. live with a failed backlight.

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