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Why is my water only getting to 102 degrees F

Recently replaced the clearly bad heating element in the dishwasher (had a callous looking thing on it and broke right in half when we pulled it out), and then ran a multimeter on the new one (got good continuity) and put the new one in. Still coldish water (do NOT heat up my water in the sink first). Still cool water in the tub. Checked the high limit thermostat and it too seemed to work fine (at least had continuity). But the water goes in at 80 degrees and heats to 102 (I'm pretty sure that's the faucet doing that), but never above that. Have stuck my thermometer in the water in the bottom of the tub to ensure that its mostly covered with water all the time.

Should I check the actual readings from these 2 things??? if so, what should they be.

Update (09/17/2017)

what is this thing circled in Red in this picture? I'm thinking both of the parts I've mentioned are ok, but there is something else that tells the dishwasher what temp the water is, that isn't properly sending a signal?

Block Image

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See my previous answer on this problem: Why is the water not heating up during the washing cycle

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So is the thermostat different than the high limit thermostat I've seen mentioned other places? I've tested the high limit one, and it had continuity (signal when using the multimeter), but did not know what reading it should have in ohms. I do believe, if I remember correctly, it was .1 ohms sitting on my counter. Is this part bad too?


Leslie, that I do not know, maybe @ladytech might


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Leslie Stouffer-The dishwasher is NOT a water heater. The heating element is mostly for drying. Some dishwashers have a "sani-temp" or "heated wash" cycle that energizes that element during the wash cycle. Its not designed to heat cool water to the desired temp of 120* . A dishwasher fills with the same hot water your faucet uses. Turn your faucet on hot till it reaches it's hottest temp. It should be at least 120* to properly dissolve the detergent If your only getting 105* you need to adjust the temperature on your water heater. You should always run the hot water at the faucet to make sure the first fill in the dishwasher will be 120*. The component you have circled is the optic sensor. Under your spray arm there is a round filter basket that is to be removed a cleaned often. It catches food etc... The optic sensor sends a signal and if the signal can't SEE through the debris it will continue washing thinking the water is dirty. There is no other heater on your model. The problem is your home water supply is too cool. 105* is not an efficient setting for any home. 120* is the best setting-it won't scald and is hot enough to produce able amount of hot water for a family of 4.

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Leslie Stouffer- .1 ohms is good. Reassemble your dishwasher, turn your home water heater setting to 120* be sure you have a rinse-aid in the dispenser-you model requires a rinse-aid to properly dry the dishes, liquid gel or power detergents aren't recommended-use the pods-generic bands are fine. Always run the hot water at the sink until it reaches 120* then start the dishwasher.


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