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Featuring patented Sonic technology delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute., 5 brushing modes and advanced brush head technology, Dual charging system includes charger glass and usb charging travel case

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Tip loose and broken off(?) possible to fix?


I woke up this morning and was going to brush my teeth but as I was brushing the brush head came off and I saw that the small metal tip that you attach the brush too had come loose, see attached pictures.´

Any way to fix this?

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I’m so annoyed with Philips. This toothbrush cost me a small fortune. The metal shaft came out with the toothbrush head when replacing it. There’s absolutely no way of getting this toothbrush open without damaging it despite what has been written above. Look at the YouTube videos and you will see that they’ve destroyed the metal end cap and/or rubber seal in the process of opening it. I can’t believe a toothbrush that costs this much can just fall apart. The best resolution to this issue is to buy Braun. Never had a Braun fall apart on me and also the toothbrush heads never made that ridiculous loud noise that some of them randomly make, even brand new ones.


Brauns do break! My Oral B Pro 3 3000 was less than 3 months old when the brush head became very loose. The tip of the metal drive shaft had broken off and was lodged inside the brush head. It went back to Braun under the warranty and it was returned repaired more than a month later. I had by then bought another electric toothbrush - a Philips which is more effective and quieter. I sold the Braun on eBay for half what it cost me but I'm much happier with the Philips.


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Yes. Remove the bottom cap of your toothbrush. (Plenty of videos on YouTube that will show you how) I used the smallest and thinnest flathead screwdriver I could find, slipped it in between the case and the cap and it came off with minimal damge. Then there are two plastic clips inside the case that need to be pushed back in order for the internals to be pulled out. Once the clips are pushed back place the metalic shaft on a hard surface and slowly push down onto the surface and the internals will slide out of the case. Once out you will notice either the screw is lose, or the bolt where the screw secures the shaft to the internals has broken off. If its lose, just tighten the screw and you're good to go. If it's broken off, just go to and type: Metal Shaft for Diamond Sonic Care Toothbrush and you will find a replacement part for under $25.00. It's just that simple. Be careful removing the water proof rubber sealants on the old shaft. You're gonna need to put them on the new shaft. If you break them during the removal process, you can find replacement ones on Ebay for under $5.00. Good Luck!

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how do you remove the rubber sealant on top of the shaft? I am having difficulty


Well, the little aluminium casted part in the head of the toothbrush that normally breaks in two halfs at the thinnest wall parts, simply is constructed to thin.

So it will break with verey toothbrush from these series when the brush falls on the ground.

Just buy the spare head at amazon as mentioned by the Joe Fitness Academy and you’re done!


If the little cast aluminum part that the screw goes through has broken. take the plastic top portion of the mechanism off. It is only held on by two small plastic buttons that protrude through the metal at this point. loosen the small screw a little. mix up some J-B Weld and apply some to both surfaces of the broken part and the screw. put the parts back together and tighten the screw, just tight. let it cure for 24 hours. Put the mechanism back in the toothbrush housing. It is now stronger than it was to begin with. I can't tell you how long this will last, I haven't broken mine yet. I suspect something else will fail before that part does again.


Caution: I would not buy the metal part shipped from China or any other countries again. I bought from Amazon based on the suggestion above. The metal assembly took more than 2 months to come (from China). The bottom was dirty and definitely used as there are traces of toothpaste and gunk. Returning would cost me a lot of $$ in shipping. What a waste of money.


I followed your instructions after Philips declined to help a pensioner get this item repaired in Europe. I found a loose securing screw,tightened it and rebuilt the unit, now on charge and working well. Philips did offerv a 20% discount if i bought a replacement from their own store. To replace my item ,a Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush before postage and discount price was £299.00!!! Thanks to ifixit i didnt have to unnecessarily leave a large amount of my pension to Philips!


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'I need to contact sonicate my base' s are not charging[3] I need to know if they are still under warranty

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is the warranty still affective on my sonicate base"s.


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need to contact sonicare


warranty replacement! how do I go about getting replacements under my warranty


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