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4th Generation Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (Model Number A1354)

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Trouble getting MacBook connect to AirPort Extreme over WiFi

I can't get my MacBook with OS-X Yosemite to connect with my AirPort Extreme.

Believe it or not my 2009 AirPort Extreme has never been used for a variety of reasons (taking care of elderly parents, cancer/chemo, etc.)

Is it possible to connect these two devices? I thought that I might need to download some upgraded software for the AirPort to begin with.

I read the Pogue Yosemite manual (all of it - meticulously) and followed the directions from the AirPort setup guide to the letter.

The AirPort came with a disc but I can't open it. Is this a hopeless case? I have a new Linksys CM3008 modem. The upgrade to Yosemite was done at an Apple store in April 2017.

It seems to be a Catch-22, Yosemite wont recognize the AirPort and let me upgrade software, but to use the AirPort I think I need upgraded software.

So far I haven't found any useful info from the Apple help pages. I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks!!!

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It has an ethernet port. Hook up to it via the port first and see if you can get it work first before going wireless. It might also help if we knew the model number on it. There were 3 different n models:

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The model number of the AirPort is A1354.

The only way I can get online via ethernet is to connect the ethernet cable between the modem and the laptop. If I connect the e cable between the AirPort and the laptop, it doesn't work, and the light flashes amber...


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Here is a link to get the AirPort firmware updates: Update the software on your AirPort base station

You'll need to first get the AirPort application which is located in your Utilities Folder running as well as have the AirPort Extreme connected to your modem and then your Mac connected to your AirPort all over Ethernet. Here's how it needs to be setup: AirPort Utility: Set up a new base station

You may need to try a new set of cables as that could be a problem too.

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