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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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How do I get the phone working for data recovery?

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My LG G4 (H810) locked up, died when I pulled the battery and no longer turns on. At this point the phone is over 1 year old and is almost certainly out of warranty (or any "hidden" warranties). Neither AT&T or LG are probably going to help and I am likely limited to OOW repair. I have a 509K* phone, so mine is part of the bad range.

The problem is it will likely cost more to send it to LG for a repair then it will be to find a good IMEI range phone so I'm not going to even bother. However, I have two problems for the price of one dead phone: My data is stuck on a dead phone. What makes it worse is I have photos of a deceased cat I can't get back and giving up on the phone effectively means those are gone for good. To make matters worse, LG won't help with data recovery.

By trying my luck with getting LG to replace the phone, I'm effectively losing irreplaceable data I can never get back. On top of that I have heard that LG refuses to replace dead G4's with a different model that isn’t hot garbage known to fail. No thanks - get me something that WORKS.

Since I am in a situation where some data on the phone is irreplaceable, I don't care about the phone. At this point I just want my data back, even if I may not be able to get the phone repaired or replaced. The data is easily worth more then the phone.

The problem with extracting data from the NAND flash directly is I encrypted my phone :(. The encryption REQUIRES I get the board working for data recovery or I will not be able to recover my data. Since I need to repair the board for data recovery, are they are any known faults with these phones that cause these problems? I JUST need the phone to work well enough so that I can recover my data.


At least in my case, AT&T switched phones without paying off the balance of a dead phone. On one hand the phone was (nearly) paid off so that may be why. It probably won't be a problem, but I'd be prepared for the worst.

I have checked it months after doing this and it no longer turns on at all, but still charges the battery. YIKES!

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This is what I did:


CAUTION: If you do this, LG may not work on the phone under the settlement warranty extension. Assume the phone is history and you are on your own if you try this. This procedure is only if you care about getting the data back!

  • Take the back of the phone off and remove the battery. The board needs to be exposed.
  • Heat up the phone motherboard up evenly to ensure it has been reflowed. Set the temperature of your hot air station to a temperature that is less then 183 Celsius or hot to the touch. Heat the board up until it is close to this temperature or you may damage the board beyond recovery.
    • A hairdryer can be used, but this may take a while. A hot air station is a better option for someone who can use this option safely and has one.
  • Put the battery back in. The phone will not boot without it.
    • Turn the phone on.
    • If the phone is too hot, it may throttle or shutdown. Throttling is okay, but the phone will forcefully shut off if it’s too hot. More heat may be required depending on how long you waited to try again if this happens.
    • If your phone continues to lock up, put a hairdryer on low near the phone to keep it alive until you are done with recovery.
    • Charging will probably be blocked. This does not matter since the phone will function in a suspended charge state.
  • Copy the important data off of the phone onto a PC, and onto a new phone. Repeat this procedure as needed, focusing on the data you care most about first; you only get a few chances! After doing this, you will likely never see the phone turn on again - or it will require heat.

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This answer says to “copy the pictures”. You have NOT explained whether ALL data can be recovered using this method. For example, open browser tabs, settings of apps you have downloaded, and placement of apps and folders on the home screen. Mere “pictures” need no special procedure to recover once a phone is plugged into a computer, if the data itself is intact and the phone is successfully connected to the computer at all. Your answer is not helpful at all to the vast majority of people, and obviously requires to removal of the word “pictures” and replacement with a list of items or a sentence about which things can be transferred to the computer, and then to another phone, using this method.

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@novavara The method works to recover everything you can get until the phone is no longer able to run with heat because you trashed the solder in the device beyond reflow. I just cared about my pictures while everything is a bonus. The failure prone IMEI ranges fail due to a hard bootloop, so this is usually the only way to do it for ANY type of data recovery!

As far as ever turning on the phone again the people who need the data do not care if the phones live beyond data recovery. Once you have the data, it can be stone dead for all anyone cares. These bad IMEI phones are basically unrepairable without a new board - which may fail the same way. Safer to say goodbye to the phone (forever), get the data and buy a new one that works.

This was done 4 years ago on a whim because I got no help and was left to figure it out, so expecting me to know years later I missed something or described it wrong like I'm just as bad now is a little unfair. I didn't think about every angle I could word it at because my phone died years ago with the final photos I will ever have and cared more about pulling a recovery off.

I'm not going to provide a list, but I did compromise and said priority data in the edit. What I consider important may not be the same as someone else.


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