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Charging Problem with iPhone 7Plus


My iPhone 7 plus got a weird problem on charging, The phone not charging by and USB cable or USB port except 1 usb cable "The original from its box" and the usb power jack is by "hoco" , Its 1A charger .. I was using "Anker 2.4A "and it's not working for me now! I try to use different cable in same port! It's not working! Same cable in different ports! It's not working too! , The phone charger very slowly and lost charging very fast ! Im not sure! It's the battery, a charging port! or the charging IC !

Any help please?

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How did you resolve the problem? Please help.


I have similar problem, new battery solve it


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Looks like a problem with charging port:

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It sounds like it may be the charging port. Try seeing if any lint or trash is stuck inside the charging port itself.

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