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Modello A 1297 / Processore Intel Core 2 Duo da 2,66, 2,8, 2,93 o 3,06 GHz

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2011 model worth holding on to?

I have 2 early 2011 17" PowerBooks both work but run at a snails pace. My main one has all the ram maxed out but still is slow. I believe the main one has that GPU problem. I missed the repair deadline. What I am wondering is if I invested in one of these. Could I get it running fast and would it support the Adobe photoshop, illustrator and Modo 3D software. Is it worth it or should I buy a new laptop.

What do I need to do if these are keepers?

Update (08/18/2017)

Haha Well OK than. My MacBook Pros are as follows:

Both systems specs (by doing serial number lookup on EveryMac):

MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.3 17" Early 2011 2.3 GHz Core i7 (I7-2820QM)

  • Intro. February 24, 2011
  • Disc. October 24, 2011
  • Order BTO/CTO
  • Model A1297 (EMC 2352-1*)
  • Family Early 2011 17"
  • ID MacBookPro8,3
  • RAM 4 GB
  • VRAM 1 GB*
  • Storage 750 GB HDD
  • Optical 8X DL "SuperDrive"

Update (08/18/2017)

I noticed that lookup did not include the added RAM. I don't recall what the max configuration was for it (16?) but the 1st one has the total amount of RAM that can be added to max it out. The RAM that was in it was replaced with max.

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EveryMac lookup will only give you the base system. To see what was upgraded (either at the time of purchase or later):

If they are working, go to the About this Mac under the Apple Icon then click on the 'Memory' tab it will tell you what your sockets have and what your total RAM your system has currently. Likewise go to the 'Storage' tab to see the drive info.

I'm jealous! I would love to get a good working 2011 17" MacBook Pro.


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If theses are 2011 MacBook Pros (the last of the 17" machines" they are highly prized. What are the Axxx numbers on the back of the machine? If they are the circa 2004 PowerBooks, they are essentially worthless.


MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.3 17" Early 2011

They are both the same machines.

They do not appear to have been upgraded.

The RAM is

Standard RAM: 4 GB Maximum RAM: 16 GB*

RAM Type: PC3-10600 DDR3 Min. RAM Speed: 1333 MHz

Details: Supports 1333 MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM.

I have one of these on my bench right now. I just upgraded it with a 1 TB SSHD and it is running like a champ.

According to your storage needs you can also drop in an SSD for a really competitive (compared to todays standards) screamer. I would take it to at least 8 GB of RAM, higher if you are doing a lot of PhotoShop.

My came in with no display (black screen). The fix was a PRAM reset which cleared it right up. If it does not, do a hot air workstation reflow of the GPU, or pay to have it done.

This machine should bring around $1200 on eBay.

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They are both Model A1297

One has ram maxed out but that one might have GPU Issues. I couldn't start it and was going to repair it but than it started working again. If I sold these what is the value?

What I need is one good working PowerBook to run graphics programs. Can the 17 inch PowerBook still keep up?


First, STOP calling them PowerBooks(that is a whole different animal - the difference is similar to calling a lion a kiddy cat, they are MacBook Pros. Next tell me exactly which machines you have, here are your choices:

Now what are the configurations as to RAM and hard drives.


I used to have the Early 2009 model. When it worked, I held onto it until it had motherboard issues and needed to be rebuilt. The 2009 version isn't valuable or prized, so it didn't make sense to rebuild it since it would cost more then a complete system.

It was the best machine I ever had. I wish Apple still made them with upgradable RAM and storage :(. I miss that machine to this day.


I had already 2 times issue with GPU. Now It’s in repair service again. Once it’s fixed - I’ll copy all data from it to DVD discs and will sell it.

Nice matt screen 17’’, fast …. but too often need to fix GPU, it’s a shame, but I have to sell it and get iMac I guess.


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You can install Linux on them and configure it to not use the GPU.

See this

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