My Samsung screen is black HELP :(

So, I've had my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone for about 4 months. For no reason, it stopped charging. I'd plug in the charger, but the phone wouldn't charge. I tried other chargers, so the problem is the phone. I assumed the prongs had gotten bent somehow, so I had to take the battery out, and put it in my brother's new(I'll explain later) phone, and then it worked when the battery was in my brother's phone. But the next day, it worked again. I'd plug in the charger, and it would charge (after I put the battery back in my phone). Sometimes it took a few tries to get the phone to charge, but after a few days, the problem was gone.

And then I got my phone wet.

I was walking in a river(don't ask) and I had my phone in my purse. I reached down to pick something up, and accidentally dipped my purse in the water. I immediately took my phone out, and dried it off as best I could. It wasn't extremely wet, not submerged. While I was drying off the phone, the screen was completely normal. I put my phone in my pocket, and continued with my day. After an hour or so, I got a message on my phone. I looked at my phone, but the screen was all black. I pressed the power button, but the screen still wouldn't come on. Everything else seemed to work, though. My phone was making noises whenever I got a notification, but the screen wouldn't change. I showed it to my mom, and she said it wasn't water damage. She pointed to a circle on top of the battery and said that if the phone was water damaged, the circle would light up. The light wasn't on.

Hours later, the same day, I tried to get the screen to work. I mashed all the buttons, not knowing what to do. Then, the screen came on. It was on the lock screen, so I swiped up to enter my password...and then the screen turned black again. I mashed buttons again, hoping to get the screen back on again. After a while, the screen would turn on, but when I went to enter my password and unlock it, the screen would turn black. This happened a few times, and that was when I began typing this. I just checked my phone, and this time, it gave me enough time to enter the password before the screen got black. I waited a while, and tried again. And THIS time, it gave me enough time to turn the phone on, unlock it, and swipe through the screens. It was on for about 20 seconds. I thought it had fixed itself, but then the screen went black again. It seems like the screen's on longer and longer each time, but I just want it fixed. I haven't checked it since. My brother said he had the same exact problem. He said his phone wouldn't charge, and then the screen failed. (He didn't fix the phone. He got a new one, same type). Either Samsung phones suck, or my brother and I have bad luck.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS STUPID PHONE! I just REALLY want it fixed. My family does NOT have enough money to buy another phone (the probably wouldn't let us get another one; my mom went through !&&* to get a new Samsung for my brother) PLEASE HELP!!

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