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Is it worth an upgrade?


I have a 2006 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1150.

I have found that I can upgrade the RAM to 3 gigs and the Hard Drive to an SSD or SSHD.

Further, if can use up to X10.7.5 OS.

What are thoughts on it's ability to continue to run on the internet in the future? How much more internet surfing capability time will I have?

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First let's correctly identify your machine. The A1150 is a 15" machine. There are four models. Which one is yours?


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I have a 2008 MacBook Core 2 Duothat has the same max OS of Lion (10.7.5) and from my experience, what you want to do is not worth the money. Modern browsers like chrome and safari do not support Lion anymore and that in part prevents some modern webpages from loading. I mean, these computers still do have processing capabilities and can be used for word processing and some very light web browsing but that is about all you can do.

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