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Why doesn't my phone come on after screen replacement?

hi all,

first thanks in adavance to all that reads this and replies; this is driving me nuts!

so i replaced the screen on my iphone 7 earlier this week. screen came on for about 2 minutes after install saying it needed to be charged. so i plugged it up and then it wouldn't come on at all. i've tried plugging it into itunes and it won't register. i've tried hard resetting. i went back and checked all my screws and cables and all right and tight. i tried unplugging the battery while the phone was still hooked up to the lighting cable and nothing. the phone is completely dead. i've ordered a new charging dock, battery, and screen and will be here monday. until then, does anyone have any idea why my phone isn't doing anything at all? also, the phone was unplugged during the whole installation.

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Could be a few things.

You may have damaged the screen during installation, the cables are very fragile, and you may have pinched them when closing the phone up.

The screen quality may be an issue to, as copy screens can have a lot of issues, or you may have received a faulty screen, I would try another screen.

If all else fails, you'll then have to look at possible logic board damage, connectors, or something you may have accidentally knocked off. :-)

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no disrespect to your answer, but wouldn't there be something else wrong if it's not registering in itunes?


No, because if it's not registering the screen, the phone will not boot, and won't register in iTunes.

Try another screen and see if that solves your issue


I agree with @gedo1992 , your problem could be any one of those things he enumerated. "Dead" phones can be caused by just about anything. There's a lot of densely packed electronics in a modern phone and it really doesn't take much to kill it.

If iTunes is not seeing your phone, that means it is not booting. I would try the following while you wait for your parts. Disconnect everything from the logic board except the battery and dock, connect it to iTunes and see if it registers anything. If it still does not see your phone, then you most likely have a logic board issue, although it could still be the dock. If iTunes does see your phone, then add one module at a time until you identify the one dragging your phone down.


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The thing that jumps out at me with this post is "screws tight". That's a bad idea--I have seen a case of long screw damage in iPhone 7 from overtightening screws. Don't tighten screws past what it takes to seat them just at the bottom of the bracket.

No power iPhone 7 troubleshooting. A USB ammeter will tell you if the phone is pulling charging current as normal or low. A D.C. Power supply or known good charged battery will tell you if the phone is able to boot and not charge or not boot. You can also eliminate variables if you Take the screen off and see if it is recognized by iTunes.

If it won't boot then visual exam of the board is the next step.

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