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Si tratta della 6° replica di Iphone Apple, annunciata il 12 Settembre, 2012. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è del tutto simile a quella delle precedenti versioni di Iphone e richiede l'impiego di cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. È disponbile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16,32, o 64 Gb di memoria, nei colori nero o bianco

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I dropped my phone now half the screen doesnt work

i have tried restarting it several times i cannot get on my phone because the passcode numbers are mostly on the right half of the phone wich is unresponsive it isnt cracked though pls help me i also have tried killing it ( holding down home button and power button until it turns off) it didnt do anything besides restart it but the damage was still the same PLS HELP ME!!!!!

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Hi I dropped my iPhone 8 plus and now have of the screen is not working (upper part) and the passcode numbers from 1-3 are affected so I cannot log in on to my phone. I have tried restarting it but it's not working. please help


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Glassing pushing up from phone? Usually top right?

If yes then screen most likely needs to be replaced.

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mine is brocken a screen and its not working half screen and thats the bottom part. is there any way to fix?


You'll need to get the screen replaced. Note that if the iPhone housing is dented inwards on the corners they'll need to be bent back beforehand.


i have the same problem and i have done literally everything and nothing worked pls help


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Screen replacement.

It might have damaged the LCD, so you may need to get that replaced as well. Screen replacements are relatively easy, they're cheap on EBay and since it's a 5, you don't need to worry about the Touch ID cable. You'd need to transfer the home button.

The iPhone screen is made of layers. Underneath the glass is the Liquid Crystal Display, which is responsible to for the touch and the display of images.

To know if your LCD is broken, there would be out-of-place lines, blurry or black spots or a black screen.

Only do a screen replacement if you know how.

Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't think that it's a quick fix by pressing a few buttons, but you should definitely take it into an Apple Store or third-party repair shop. (Usually cheaper)

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I dropped my iPhone 6 it didn't fall that hard but the top part of my screen is unresponsive and the bottom half works

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omg same, did you get it fixed????


did you end up getting it fixed? I'm dealing with the same problem.


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