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The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook Air Mid-2013 Charges, Won't Turn On. Fixes?

The laptop charges (as in, the LED on the charger changes from orange to green) but absolutely refuses to turn on. Keyboard appears to work, as every time I did a SMC reset, the LED on charger flashes from orange to green. PRAM and SMC reset did nothing to help.

Any ideas? I do have another Macbook that works, if connecting them might help for some reason???

Thanks guys!

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Can you give us some background here... Did you drop or bang the system? Did you get it wet or spill something into it? Did you have some problem before hand or smell something burnt?


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Remove the bottom cover, disconnect everything except the dc board and fan. Plug in the charging cable (it will light up dim green), if the fan spins a different part inside the MacBook is preventing boot. Use process of elimination to find out the faulty part.

If it is still not working the issue is with the logic board. Remove the board and check it for liquid damage, cleaning it with 95%+ isopropyl. If it is still not working after the clean, it will need logic board repair which requires certain tools, parts and experience. At this point, unless you have micro soldered before, it is best to send it to a shop.

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