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Questo è un controller basato su touch-screen associato con la console videogiochi Wii U. Fu rilasciata nel 18 novembre del 2012 ed è disponibile nei colori bianco o nero. Numero del modello: WUP-010(EUR/USA/JPN)

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region lock location on the motherboard

Hello ifixit community,

here is my problem;

I have a working motherboard with the wrong region and another one with a broken DRC-WUP graphic chip with the right region. I just want to solder the chip where the region lock is located to the working motherboard.

can someone tell me, where the region lock is located on the wii u gamepad motherboard?

Thanks for helping,

rgds Thomas

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I can’t confirm that.. I bought USA region mother board and took that chip from old board. Still wrong region gamepad. But.. I can’t be 100% sure that broken motherboard was EU region like my test console.

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I found it out mysef. You just have to replace the U10 Micron 25Q256A 256 Mb Serial Flash with your original. Then you can use a motherboard with different region

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This is not a permanent fix and the gamepad will only work with the Wii U console that the old Gamepad was paired with. This might be fine in the short term, but if anything forces you to re-pair the gamepad you will be out of luck. On that note, if you try and pair the gamepad to another Wii U, it will fail with error code "165-9901"

"The update cannot be completed using a Wii U GamePad designed for a different region."


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Hi! You're gamepad is working??

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