Side button and lower part of screen is stuck!

I've had my watch not functional for quite some time now. It started with it turning on while I was driving. Lifting to wake became a slight issue, but it would help when I covered the screen.

Unfortunately, I think i covered the screen too hard, because the screen started have issues.

If you leave the side button pressed (the complications one, not the crown), the device brings up three options: turn off, power save, or emergency call.

I hope you can see my issue by now.

Because the bottom of the screen is stuck, the watch automatically touches the emergency call.

This poses a problem, as it has called emergency services two times now.

I have turned bluetooth off, but the watch still sticks on the side button and brings up all of these options.

Is there a way to repair this on my own?

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I have the same problem. Still uable ti fixed it!! : /


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